Now Available: The Alchemical Tarot of Theofanus Abba


Today, we are happy to present something new: The Alchemical Tarot of Theofanus Abba (Josef Louda, 1901 – 1975), which is illustrated in cooperation with Abba’s student, Martin Stejskal, and Czech artist, Michal Stránský, along with a written text which accompanies the Tarot deck, with original fragments written by Abba that is co-written by Lukáš Loužecký, and translated into English by Astrid Haszprunarová and Matthew Blankenburg.

This Tarot deck is now finally published in its entirety, for the first time, and in its completed form. Martin Stejskal, who was Abba’s direct student, originally created the black and white version of these cards, many years ago, which make up the Major Arcana of this deck. However, now, with the assistance of Stránský, we have finally come to realize the entire 78 card deck in its full, vivid color and beauty, with the addition of the remaining Minor Arcana, now finally bringing it to its completion.

Due to this release not only being intended for Czech speakers, but also for the international audience as well, the names on each of the cards are printed in Latin, so that they can be enjoyed by everyone!

The text which comes with this deck is a collaboration of short, fragmented texts, originally written by Theofanus Abba, about the Tarot, though the entirety of the text that is being offered within the booklet that accompanies these cards was written by Lukáš Loužecký, who describes the initiatory process in which the cards leads one through, as described from an (Esoteric) Christian and Martinistic perspective.

For those who are familiar with the Tarot, the cards that make up this deck are loosely inspired by Abba’s favorite Tarot deck which is the Oswald Wirth Tarot.

This Tarot deck is being offered in a limited first edition of 500 copies that was  printed in high quality, here in the Czech Republic, and comes with two booklets: one in Czech and one in English.

These cards will be exhibited at the Centre for Contemporary Art in Prague, known as DOX, and an additional blog about the exhibition will also be made available upon its launch.

This is a very unique Tarot deck, in more ways than one, as it holds the mystery for the creation of the Philosopher’s Stone within its color correspondence and symbolism of the Major Arcana, which intimately follows the Great Work of alchemy, as Abba himself was an alchemist who was also known for having transmuted silver. The deck is also based on Christian mysticism and symbolism which is another rarity when combined with alchemy and the deck, itself, also glows when placed under UV light, which leads to certain details coming to life in a way that can take on an even deeper meaning of what the cards are expressing.

This deck is not only wonderful for divination purposes, but also for entering into the cards through meditation and other pathworking, as it also makes an excellent initiatory tool for the aspiring adept.

The deck will be offered for sale through two releases. The first 200 boxes are now available, starting on 31/12/2018 and the remaining 300 boxes will become available on February/March of 2019.


Matthew + Astrid