Milan Nakonečný’s Art Exhibition

An art gallery in the Czech Republic is currently showcasing the work of famous Czech hermetic and psychology professor, Milan Nakonečný, who also has a 70 year history of painting. In his own town, in Tabor, the recent exhibition is not only in honor of his incredible work, but was also a celebration of his 87th Birthday on opening night!

Theatrum mundi from 08.02.2019 to 09.03.2019 at Gallery 4MAT in Tabor, Czech Republic.


This Exhibition displays an entire range of Nakonečný’s works and the different styles that he has become known for over the years. From self-portraits to nude still lives from the 60s and especially his own personal favorite: landscapes. The exhibition also includes his portrait of Pierre de Lasenic, a painting based on Lasenic’s mask.

It was an incredible launch with live music in a gallery that was so packed with people that one could barely move once inside and with people eagerly awaiting to get in just so they could catch a glimpse.

“This exhibition opening showed one of the many things I personally love about the Czech Hermetic tradition so much, that it is not just the interest of one generation, while some of the other hermetic traditions are struggling with attracting serious young students, the Czech Hermetic environment contains people of absolutely all age groups from 0 to over 90 years of age and keeps the continuum of the light. ” says Astrid.

Once the musical performance had ended, everyone else made their way in to enjoy the beautiful and fantastic exhibition of Nakonečný’s work. Everyone had an amazing time with memories being made afterwards during fellowship that lasted well into the night …