The Golden Book of Wisdom is NOW AVAILABLE in the Store

Hello, everyone!

We have great news! The Golden Book of Wisdom is now available for purchase in our online store in a limited run of 1,000 numbered copies.  We hope that the news of this book’s release at least gives people something to look forward to in these times of uncertainty. We know a lot of you have been looking forward to this book by Franz Bardon, which is now available for the first time in its most complete form.

This project was a collaborative effort between the Czech Hermetic circle in Prague, the Bardon lineage in Opava, and various practitioners who all helped provide previously unknown and unpublished materials, and in cooperation with the Bardon family themselves. This whole process was necessary as the book itself is a more complete version of the Practical Section of The Golden Book of Wisdom, which was only partially published previously under the incorrect title,  Questions and Answers, and with text that was incomplete and not fully authorized for publishing by the author.

We are now offering an authorized and never before published text that we correctly categorized as the Practical Section of The Golden Book of Wisdom. The book itself has been confirmed by the Bardon family and Lumir Bardon himself as being authentic.

With so many people coming together to make this project happen, this collaborative effort is as close to the finished version as we can expect.

As to the style of the book itself, many will find that the present work compliments An Aid for Introspection (the forthcoming book in the Czech Hermetics Series) and elucidates the Bardon tradition that much further in terms of expressing the practical value of introspection and its importance in one’s life by cultivating a clear awareness of oneself and, thus, one’s understanding of the universe. To quote the book itself:

“We can also call introspection a massive transmutation, which we use to transform our character.”

By the use of this quote, there should be no mystery then as to the cover art used on the front of this book being alchemical. Alchemy is mentioned in passing, but one only gets so far with physical alchemy if their character is not refined through the process of introspection which continuously opens one up to the finer and subtler levels of existence.

“(…) success doesn’t always matter, but how we deal with all the obstacles that truly strengthen us the most, because we must unconditionally overcome them if we want to move forward. There is no other way. We simply grow and strengthen our spirit, soul, and body.”

Czech Hermetics