The (Almost) Forgotten Art of Psychurgical Mirrors


As our online store is now offering only a limited amount of Psychurgical Mirrors made by Lukáš Loužecký, we now look a bit deeper into the practice of an almost forgotten tool that is still a popular part of the Czech living tradition : The Psychurgical Mirror.

But first, we must explain what we mean by the term “psychurgy.”

There are 4 main levels of knowledge and 4 Hermetic arts that examine them.

  1. The divine world, which is examined by theurgy.
  2. The world of creation (the world of ideas), which is examined by psychurgy.
  3. The world of formation, which is examined by magic.
  4. The material world, which is examined by alchemy.

To use kabbalistic terminology, a psychurgical mirror is used for exploring the second world above the material and magical world, which is the world of Beriah or the world of psychurgy. And where a standard magical mirror would be used for the practice of scrying, evocation, and other workings, a magical mirror is used for accessing the astral plane of the magical world of Yetzirah or the third world of the Kabbalah, while a psychurgical mirror accesses the astral plane of Beriah.

If a hermetic desires to enter a certain world, they can then use a mirror which is specifically designed according to the laws and principles that make that world up in which they wish to travel to and explore. Therefore, there are theurgical, psychurgical, magical, and alchemical mirrors. Thus, the psychurgical mirror was created for such a purpose, in order to gain even more refined knowledge from the essence of what the various genie and intelligences that make up the spheres in the higher world are willing to convey.

Working with a psychurgical mirror is also considered preparation for those who have already achieved elemental balance within themselves and who go onto working with different qualities of Light. And the mirrors, themselves, are semi-transparent so that the light can pass through them. Every mirror is made from concave glass with many layers of fluidic condenser, varnishes, and minerals with natural substances that are intended to have small irregularities in the varnish in order to help serve as an aid for the practitioner’s focus when avoiding one’s attention from drifting off during workings. The manufacturing of these mirrors is very complex and extremely ph sensitive, so only some of the mirrors that are carefully produced actually end up making it to completion, while the rest are discarded. The mirrors, themselves, take about 2 months to create and because of this, the mirrors that we are currently offering in our store will be sold out shortly after offering them.

These mirrors can be recommended, in good faith, for working with the spirits of Franz Bardon’s system, The Practice of Magical Evocation, which is explained in further detail in the practical section of the text that is provided with each mirror.

The famous author, Gustav Meyrink, also mentions the “greenish mirror” in his book, The Angel of the West Window in which he discusses working with the psychurgical mirror, however, he never discloses its actual practice nor does he go in depth regarding its workings. While František Kabelák and Pierre de Lasenic, on the other hand, experimented with this kind of mirror in the 1930s, and its practice is still a part of the living Czech tradition today.

This mirror, which we are currently offering, is the result of Kabelák and Lasenic’s ideas combined together with Lukáš’ own advancements, just as any good living tradition would be expected to progress their teachings forward. Each mirror is handmade and unique. And with all of this being said, it would naturally go without saying that these kinds of mirrors would be considered incredibly rare in the world today, as Lukáš Loužecký, himself, is unaware of a single person in the world who would be making a psychurgical mirror since the 1960s.