NOW AVAILABLE: Hermetic Initiation Into Martinism by Pierre de Lasenic

We’re happy to announce that Hermetic Initiation Into Martinism by Pierre de Lasenic is now available in our online store for purchase and is shipping worldwide. With this book being one of our own personal favorites, we’re very happy that it’s finally making its way to the international audience, so we can share it with everyone!

Martinism has had a very strong position and important role in the Czech Hermetic Tradition over the last century and is still active to this day.

This book offers a rare look into a Hermetic school that historically chose to remain away from the spotlight and where not that many materials about Martinism have been written, this book offers a look behind the curtain into this enigmatic path or “the way of the heart.”  In this book, Pierre de Lasenic offers initiatory material that is divided into two degrees, which can be considered universal and a more than useful guide for anyone on the Hermetic path, whether they’re initiated in a lodge or a solitary practitioner.

Lasenic offers a path to self-liberation in an accessible way for all readers and this book also offers additional content such as The Planetary Commandments, which serve as a useful aid when applied to planetary evocations, along with other works from some of Lasenic’s students, an essay from a Martinist of the Grand Council, and the opening preface by Lukáš Loužecký, which gives a historical background for the history of Czech Martinism.


Another subject of great interest are the many ways in which practitioners of Franz Bardon’s system will benefit from having this book in their library along with practitioners of other schools of Hermetic thought. This book offers a context to Initiation Into Hermetics, which Matthew Blankenburg helps provide in his foreword in which he delves deeper into by giving correlations and practical examples as to how this book can be useful for a Bardon practitioner when applied in their own practice.


This book comes in hardback, belgian faux leather, in red with gold and silver embossing, 144 pages, in full color, along with previously unpublished, digitally colorized photos by Astrid Haszprunarova, illustrations by Michal Stránský, and published with thanks to Vladimir Kvasnicka of Vodnář Publishing in the Czech Republic.

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