The Universe of Vojtěch Roučka

Vojtěch Roučka was considerably one of the best Czech Astrologers in between wars. He studied German, and French Astrology literature privately, and after combining the two together, he began evaluating it with his own experiences and opened up his own private Astrology School. Its main work, and also the main teaching material in that school was the Astrology Course in three books, which was first published in 1935. The second edition was planned for 1948, however, it was not possible to publish due to the war, and therefore, it only exists in the form of manuscripts (no more than 10 were ever made).

He was in contact with Czech Hermetic elite, such as Emanuel Šimandl, the best  Czech Astrologer ever. He met František Bardon after the war, and Bardon recommended Roučka’s Astrology Course to his own students in order for them to learn Astrology. Roučka was also interested in the practice of the sideric pendulum, and psychotropic plants. His Astrology Course, is still considered to this day, to be the best work in Czech Astrology. All of his books are extremely rare, because they were only published as manuscripts and were systematically destroyed during communism.

Vojtěch Roučka   19.4. 1893 – 8.11. 1955