New Downloadable: Correspondence Table for the Elemental Posism from The Book of Works

We have now added a correspondence table in our Download section for the practice of elemental posism, as seen and outlined in Pierre de Lasenic’s, The Book of Works.

The table, itself, is used to help simplify this practice by indicating the times of the year in which one is suggested to carry out these posisms along with the specific elemental posisms that one would perform throughout a year’s cycle. We hope that with this table, people will have a much easier time initiating this practice themselves, without any additional or unnecessary confusion on top of learning and integrating this incredibly useful, helpful, and rewarding practice. Overall, we hope that this will lead to an even more enjoyable experience when it comes to doing the work as outlined.

This table is now available for download, along with a pdf file which briefly explains why this work is seen as advantageous for one’s own personal path.