Bardon’s Concentration Exercise Symbol

Here we are offering a fascinating discovery.  A scan of the last symbol that František Bardon used in his Prague study group for concentration exercises before he was arrested.

The symbol itself was a cut-out from a German occult magazine, in which this is an exact copy of. Recently, we acquired this scan of the original from a disciple of a direct student of Bardon’s Prague circle. It was printed in a bright red color and radiates energy.

It was used for concentration exercises in the Prague study group of Bardon’s students, after this recent discovery, the current practice groups in the Czech Republic decided to incorporate this symbol into their routine, and it is now currently being worked with.  So we offer this opportunity for Bardon’s students, to not just work with this symbol, but to also connect through it with the living tradition of Franz Bardon. 🙂

Astrid + Matthew