The One Year Anniversary of Czech Hermetics

Today is the one year anniversary of Czech Hermetics and we thought we would take a moment to look back on this day and at the incredible year that we experienced together. It was an unbelievably busy year that was not only filled with translations, but also an extensive amount of research that came with many unforgettable adventures. We gained the support of many international fans, ranging from dedicated, solitary practitioners to established bookstores. We cannot express how much we value your support and all of the love that was given to us during this time.

We managed to secure a few previously unpublished materials and offered them to the world, such as Franz Bardon’s concentration symbol from the book, Die Geheimsymbole der Arzneikunde, Alchemie und Astrologie by G.W. Geßmann, along with an authentic copy of Franz Bardon’s actual birth certificate and also some pendulum charts that were previously owned by Franz Bardon that we offer for download, free of charge.

We have also been honored by Lumír Bardon, himself, for having chosen our website as the platform to publish his open letter, expressing his wish to publish brand new versions of his father’s works.

Aside from research related to Franz Bardon, we also introduced the works of various Czech Hermetics to the world, as we published The Book of Works by Pierre de Lasenic, which will be a part of The Practices of Horev-Club in the future. We also published an article on Posism by Milan Nakonečný who is, by far, one of the most important Czech Hermetics currently living and this was also the first time that any of his work has ever been published in English.

As Theofanus Abba’s work is now about to be published in its entirety, upon the release of The Alchemical Tarot of Theofanus Abba, we have Martin Stejskal and Michal Stránský to thank for illustrating the cards, Lukáš Loužecký for writing the text combined with Abba’s, along with Astrid and Matthew for writing the English translation which accompanies the cards as a booklet.

We gained the recognition of international writers and researchers as well, such as our research that is featured in the new edition of Rune Might by Edred Thorsson.

As a result of our work, we have also experienced an incredible amount of love from our fans, through our booming social media presence with over 2,000 subscribers on our Czech Hermetics Youtube channel, an ever growing Facebook group, and an Instagram account that is closely followed by reputable individuals and organizations within the field of Hermeticism.

On November 1st, we published our first hardcover book, Sexual Mysteries (Oriental Love & Sexual Magic) by Pierre de Lasenic that has proven so successful that it managed to make it onto the top 3 selling book launches in the entire 20 year history of Vodnář publishing.


Plans for 2019

And now, for the future of Czech Hermetics. In the coming year we, of course, plan on continuing in the direction that we have been moving in, by providing previously unknown material, as the international audience has mostly only had access to very few of the works of Czech Hermetics over the years, which is so important in revealing the overall picture of those who have contributed to this art, not only from a historical context yet from a practical standpoint as well. We are ending 2018  by releasing Theofanus Abba’s Alchemical Tarot on the last day of 2018 and for our next project, we would like to announce here, today, that we are planning on publishing Hermetic Initiation Into Martinism by Pierre de Lasenic as our next book!

We hope that we have managed to fulfill our goal, so far, which is to create a new level of excitement for the Czech Tradition throughout the international audience. Thank you to everyone for your support and to all who have made this journey possible!

Astrid & Matthew