New Radio Show About Our Upcoming Book!

As you may know already, the main reason behind the Czech Hermetics website is to publish a collection of occult classics from the Czech Republic that are widely unknown to the international reader.  With cooperation from the local Czech occultists and Vodnar publishing house, we will bring the very best esoteric literature from the Czech lands, carefully translated into English by occultist translators and in high quality hardback bounds ONLY.

We are extremely excited to announce that our very first book is now finished and off to the printers.  To introduce this book a bit more, as well as the author and his intention behind it, we decided to do a Radio Show about it. : )

We will keep you informed about the book here, and on our Facebook, but if you would prefer to be 100% sure that you wont miss it, we recommend signing up for our extremely useful newsletter.

The book is coming soon and will be available through