“So why don't you just translate those books....”

When we moved to the Czech Republic, we had no idea what type of treasure of Light we would find in the heart of Europe...We decided to share this amazing gem through publishing completely new translations of previously unknown books for international audiences. The goal of this website is to offer books to the public, which have never been translated before, from Czech to English, while providing articles of new discoveries, and insights into the lives of Czech Hermetics, whose stories have never been known outside of the Czech Republic until now.
Astrid + Matthew

Matthew Blankenburg

Editor, YouTuber, Writer, Franz Bardon practitioner & Hermetic

Astrid Haszprunarova

Translator, Radio Host, Published Author, Occultist, Painter.


lukas louzecky

Editor in chief of the Czech Hermetics book series, Spagyric, Astrologer

Vladimir kvasnicka

Publisher, Owner of Vodnář Publishing, Astrologer, Fearless adventurer and explorer


Jarmila Louzecka

Distribution and Support

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